Isnin, 3 November 2008


My grandfather is an important influence on me as a grandchild. He is a good leader in
my family. He is a responsible person in raising and teaching his children, my siblings, and I since children. He takes care of everything about us when things were bad for us. He give us education of very completely such as, he taught “ABC”, reading of Qur’an and book, pray to Allah and to level higher education. His responsible make me happier. Today, I have become a responsible person because of his influence.


I think the lexical approach method is a good way to learn Spanish. A mnemonics, for example is a technique used in the lexical to help the memory. Mnemonics are helpful because they are chunks. In the lexical approach, students focus on vocabulary, but they don’t memorize lists of words. Instead, they study words in phrases (combination of words) such as focus on vocabulary. Students learn the language by noticing groups of words. For example, they notice the preposition “on” comes after the verb focus. They don’t have to memorize lists of words but that isn’t a problem. The students learn more new words. They can learn how to use them.

Ahad, 19 Oktober 2008


To become a student of the university, students must participate I an orientation week ceremony. For the ceremony, students need to register their name at the registry office. Then the students must listen to the briefing of orientation programmed. The objective of this ceremony is to expose the students about their lives and education in the university. After that, students were listened to speeches of Faculty Deans and Deputy of Chancellors about their futures in the education. A student was chosen to recite a pledge. Then culture performance was held in exploring new talents of the students. Next, they singing university song, “Negaraku” song and country song, last but not least, chairman gave souvenir to the students becomes Islamic Science University of Malaysia’s students.



A wedding ceremony in the Islamic culture has several stages. Its have three stages: separation, transition, and incorporation. In the separation stage, both husband and wife would solemnization of marriage and they would omit their celibate period. The transition stage is in the middle of the rite of passage. At this stage, they would undergo in their life as both husband and wife. After that, they would undergo in the incorporation stage. At this stage, they have to great relationships and great role respectively for constructive a family happy at the Islamic session. It’s very challenging task. At this point, they must learned about marriage life and they need accepted the both family of term for a bridal couple respectively. During solemnization of marriage, they look wear a special clothes. They can rent or make their variety designed customs for this ceremony. For example: dress long, kebaya, and others. They would look very beautiful at this day. In the wedding ceremony, he people must participate in this ceremony. It’s very importance to make happy in this ceremony also. To conclusion, a wedding need great commitment from anybody would solemnization of marriage.


When I was 12 years old, I learnt a lesson about knowledge from my favorite activity, playing teachers with my friends. In this playing was depend on time for us want to plying this activity. This activity was full of challenges. We used our older sister’s stationery. For example: book, pen, ruler, liquid paper, and colour too. My friends and I were entering in my room. I liked to teach, so I was to be a teacher. My friends won’t to be students. They looked very happy. We were playing together with peace. They could accept what I taught to them. Therefore, we studied together. From this experience, I learnt the importance of sharing. We could share knowledge with or friends for instance in study groups because we had different knowledge.



During I was lady child, I like playing. I would like to play with my friends together. I would play at the home and at the school. I have a many games to play together. I always was playing as to be teacher, doctor, singing, cooking and others. That’s amongst game of the playing us. Therefore, we was very boredom because no new game. One day, I want to try a new something. I want to race bicycle with my friends. Although I not clever to bring bicycle, but I want to try. It’s very challenging. So, I practiced to bring the bicycle. During I was practiced the bicycle, many times I fallen of my bicycle. Sometimes I was fall into the ditch. It’s very painful. I was underwent many injuries at my bodies but it won’t stop me. I go try to I success. Now, I was clever to bring the bicycle. I was very happy because I was success in the practiced of bicycle. I take of time just a week for this practiced. Nowadays I was make variety action during drive the bicycle too. I was very happy and I think confidently to race the bicycle with my friends. The competition of race bicycle day was come. I feel impatient to race bicycle. The competition day was at the area my village. It’s not dangerous. This competition participated were four person only inclusive me. Beginning this competition, we try to do as well as to be winner in this competition. I was racing hard my bicycle. Then I was former from them. My entire friend other gives ovation to us. At the lined finished, I was arrived former from them. So, I was to be winner in this competition!! I’m very happy! My entire endeavor produces a reward. I was accepted wish “congratulation” and the prize from my entire friend. That’s night, I was very tired. At the long day, I was very happy because I was to be winner in this competition. Although at the begin I not clever to bring bicycle. Even with each endeavor would to be producing a great. I’m very happy and it’s to be sweet memories in my life.



In this commercial, you see a small boy. At the beginning, he is lying on the living room. He seems boredom. There’s a many toy of game near him, but he doesn’t play it. He looks sad. Then his mother comes into the living room. She calls the boy, but he doesn’t come. He just lies there. Next, she gives him a new kind of boy toy. The boy tries playing the new toy. He plays it slowly. Suddenly, the boy has enjoyed. He looks happy and funny. Finally, the boy smiles, he talks thank to his mother and he shake hand his mother.